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About Me


I have been working in the IT/Multimedia industry for 10 years now and have gone on to develop a broad range of skills in such areas as 2D graphics, 3D-animation, video production, audio production and in particular programming. I specialize in developing custom software, rapid application development software, prototyping software, CBTs, general multimedia and web based applications. I have been extremely fortunate to work with such clients as Intel, Procter & Gamble, Pennzoil, Reebok and Del Monte to name a few. Please see full client list here.

I am a tenacious achiever, I work extremely well under pressure and am able to produce under tight deadlines. I enjoy challenges, and in particular learning and working with new technologies. I am hard working, enthusiastic, optimistic, professional and above all conduct business with integrity and honesty.

Technical Skills

(*Asterisk indicates rusty or acquiring knowledge of skill, but can easily be brought up to speed)

2D Graphic Software Packages
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator*, Adobe Fireworks, Corel Painter*

3D Graphic Software Packages
Discreet 3D Studio Max*, Daz Bryce

Audio Software Packages
Digidesign ProTools, Apple Garage Band, Bias Peak, Sony Creative Sound Forge

Video Packages
Adobe Premiere*, Adobe After Effects*, Avid Media Suite Pro*

Programming Lanquages/Multimedia Packages
Macromedia Director, Adobe Flash*, Livestage Pro*, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, PHP, ASP, SQL, Lingo, ActionScript*, QScript*, VB.NET*, C#.NET*

Productivity Software Packages
Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint*, Microsoft Access*, Apple iWorks, Equilibrium DeBabelizer*

Database Packages
MySQL, MS SQL, ODBC, SQLite, MS Access*

Apple QuickTime VR, Roxio Toast

For more information please explore my website. Contact me here if you have any questions.

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